Oa2ki Trigger Spray

Oa2ki Trigger Spray
Oa2ki Trigger Spray Oa2ki Trigger Spray
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Oa2ki the Natural way – Pesticide free insect killer

This product has proved very effective against crawling insects and works by natural means, breaking down the outer protective barrier on the insects body leaving the insect dehydrated, effectively desiccation occurs.

It can be applied to virtually any surface although we recommend testing before full application as light marking may appear on absorbent materials but that should disappear within a few days. It contains no toxic or hazardous substances.

·         http://d3.yimg.com/sr/img/4/1bb9bd9a-c5c3-3969-a28c-d8859ad5dfefFor indoor & outdoor use.

·         Ready To Use 500ml Trigger Spray bottle

How To Use Oa2ki Trigger Spray against crawling insects


1.      Shake the bottle well before use.

2.      If possible, spray the product directly onto the insect pest or the areas they frequent.

3.      For crawling insects spray along joints, cracks, crevices and routes where they have been visually evident, tracing back as close as    possible to their harbourage or nest.

4.      As the product is not hazardous to mammals if the problem persists repeat treatment weekly.

Note: As this products works by physical means, without the use of poisons, control of pests may take slightly longer.

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