Bed Bug Dome

Bed Bug Dome
Bed Bug Dome Bed Bug Dome Bed Bug Dome
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If you are looking for an eco-friendly, effective, simple and discrete way of monitoring for bed bugs, the 'Bed Bug Dome' could be your best option.

The adheshive trap uses a small heating element underneath the dome to attract bed Bugs.

The dome recess is coated with a special glue to hold the bed bugs for inspection. Once the bed bugs have climbed into the dome trap, they are stuck in the glue.

Bug Dome™ Complete includes a mains adaptor and three adhesive traps. A refill pack of the adhesive traps can be bought separately 10 in box.

Instructions for Use
Place an adhesive trap on the heater.
Plug in the device and then place the Bug Dome™ under a bed or any other location suitable for bedbug monitoring, ideally in discreet corners of the room.

Check the adhesive trap regularly and replace it when the surface of the adhesive is coated in dust/dirt or at least every six weeks.


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